Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Threaded Gem Adventure by Malana Ashlie

Crafting Relationships through Beads. Life is about connecting the dots. This is the answer Malana Ashlie received when trying to decide how to join special people in her life for her birthday. The threaded Gem Adventure is a how to book for creating a memory chain using beads representing each of the special people in your life. The basic explanations, supported by photographs of the process, are presented as stepping-stones in a story that traces the author’s personal journey of awareness.

I was given this book for an honest review.
This book was very inspirational. Yes it tells you how to craft a necklace but it offered so much more. There were a lot of memorable quotes in this book as well. A few of my favorites are "All of our thoughts, worries, experiences, along with things we have viewed, heard and been taught whirl and flow, flavoring our views of everyday experiences." I never really looked at it this way but this is such a true statement.  Another one I liked was "...people are like stones. We are different sizes, colors and marked in different ways, yet every stone has a natural brilliance; what we might call our intelligence. Each one has something of value to offer but not every stone has the potential to become a gem." I really, really loved that statement. I never thought of that, that way! That could not be a truer statement.  This was a short read but packed a powerful punch if you are opened to it! I recommend this book to all who are open to receive some beautiful messages.

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