Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Priestess of Morengard by Jenna Wood

Title: The Priestess of Morengard
Author: Jenna Wood
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
Publication Date:October 18, 2013
Cover Artist: Bryan Wood

Two rulers. One kingdom. For hundreds of years Morengard has been divided in such a way. Together, the King and Priestess have coexisted peacefully, each playing the part they have been given as decreed by the Ancient Dictum.

However, the king’s own son, Talis, questions it and when the foolhardy prince decides to take matters into his own hands, he finds himself faced with the dark truth behind the Dictum. Unprepared for the devastation he unleashes, the prince must fight to uncover the secrets behind the ancient decree with the help of a reclusive spinster.

But as Talis attempts to piece together the puzzle, he finds his endeavor threatened. Not only by that which seeks to end his life, but by an ill-fated love that reveals all too late that the gods have a hand in everything.

Born in Arizona, I live with my husband (he is also my extremely talented cover artist), two dogs, and four cats. Since a very young age, I have loved to write. Through the years I have written poems, short stories, and full length novels. My subjects tend to lean towards the darker side with themes dealing with betrayal, murder, war, and madness. My genre has been primarily fantasy, with a YA series being the majority of my work. I have just recently dipped my toe into the adult fantasy romance arena with my latest novel, The Priestess of Morengard.




There was a scraping sound and footsteps. They stopped before the door but after a moment, it still remained closed. Holding the wound in his side, he managed one more knock.
“Please,” he whispered into the crack of the door. “Please open the door. I’m wounded. Please.”
He could hardly manage to speak as the edge of his consciousness went fuzzy and black. His vision darkened as he struggled to remain upright. Then there was the click of a latch and light filtered through the widening crack. He couldn’t see the person’s face, but it didn’t matter.
“Help me,” he whispered and his strength was gone. His knees buckled and the world went dark.


The girl smiled at Renna, “I am the soothsayer, the all seer. I know that which has yet to happen and that which has. I see beyond all to the ends that may or may not be.”
“So you know how this ends?” Talis asked. “You know if I succeed or fail, if my kingdom is returned.”
The girl looked at him with such an expression that he was unable to discern his venture’s end.
Instead, the girl said, “This is your journey to take, Talis. Though you may have your company, it is ultimately your own. Each step you take, each decision you come to, has the capability of altering your journey in an infinite number of ways. Whether you decide to turn left or right will determine your fate and the fate of your kingdom. I cannot tell you what the outcome of your journey holds, for it has not yet come to pass. And that which has not yet come to pass might still be altered by each action you take.”


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